Vicente and Mister Barack

Vicente and Mister Barack

This is a true story.

Thursday April 9, 2009 (Holy Thursday) 10:10 AM

Vicente and his wife are having breakfast in their apartment in Valencia, Spain. The intercom rings. Vicente picks up.

-Mundou 21? Is this Mundou 21 Foundation? [What follows is the conversation in English]


-My name is Barack. I’m a lawyer in Illinois and I’m on my way back to the United States. I wanted to visit your headquarters before heading home.

-Headquarters? What headquarters?

-Arent these the Headquarters of Mundo 21 Foundation?

-Oh yes, indeed, but this is also my home. The official headquarters are in Madrid.

-Damn! I asked to make a stop in Valencia because on your website it says that the official headquarters are in Valencia.

-But today is Holy Thursday. It’s 10 in the morning and I’m still wearing my pijamas. Haven’t showered or shaved. Can we set a meeting in Madrid?

-It’s just that I’m very busy. I just got an intern job, a 4-year renewable contract and I won’t be able to come visit any time soon.

-You should have called first.

-We know Mundo 21, Humania, your project for education and development, your meetings for the creation of a legal standpoint for social information, the panels for hundreds of terminals throughout the world, for telemedicine, for training, for micro-credits, for women empowerment. We like that a lot.

-Well, thank you!

-My wife and kids watch regularly

-Yes, Google analytics show a lot of people visit from the US… but why don’t you come up? We are having breakfast. It’s a 3-floor walk-up.

-I come with a lot of people.

-A lot?

-Yes, you know, security.

-There’s no way we can meet in Madrid? Security?

-I’m afraid not.

-Hold on. I put a sweater and I’ll come down.

Vicente goes down and at his building doorstep is a tall, 1.90 meters man with a kind smile. They shake hands.

-I just wanted to tell you that your project is wonderful. Just wonderful.

-Thank you. The secret is the people who work in Mundo 21. Each one is a master in their field… but above all, they’re kind people.

-I’m sure that with this idea your government, which I know is fighting poverty in the world, is very proud and are helping you.

-Is it cold in Illinois?

After a short conversation about technology applied to development, the 21st Century, knowledge, and equal opportunity…

-Well Mr Domingo… (Barack hands his business card), I just wanted to let you know that Humania has a lot of followers scattered throughout the world like myself and my family, and that you should keep fighting, even when you think you can’t.

-You are totally right Mr. Barack. This is why this project works, because we find along the way a lot of sensible and energetic people. People worthwhile meeting.

-If you’re ever in Washington, please come visit. (Vicente looks at the business card)

-Didn’t you say you were from Illinois?

-That’s because my job takes me to Washington.

-Ah! I get it.

Good man this lawyer from Illinois. Very tall and very kind.

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Vicente Domingo is the Founder and CEO of Mundo 21 Foundation and of